Operations Update Sept 16, 2017

The CFGP hosted a third community consultation meeting at the Gorge Hall on Monday Sept 11 regarding the proposed new road into the Carrington Operating Area. During the meeting the CFGP also presented a plan outlining projected harvest, access, and enhanced silviculture projects for the next five years.

The presentation is available here:

Sept 11 2017 Presentation

The accompanying maps are available here:

CFGP 5 Year Plan CAR & GM1 Sept 11-2017

CFGP 5 Year Plan VON Sept 11, 2017

CFGP 5 Year Plan CB & SQ Sept 11 2017

CFGP 5 Year Plan Haywire Bay Sept 11 2017

During the course of the community consultation process the CFGP heard extensive feedback covering a wide range of issues and is working to integrate these into the planning process.

The CFGP will continue working with the neighbours in the Talbot Way and Coulter Bay Road area in order to ensure the best possible outcomes as the project moves forward.