Mission, Vision & Values


The Cortes Forestry General Partnership (CFGP) is an equal partnership between the Klahoose Forestry N0 2 Limited Partnership (KF2LP) and the Cortes Community Forest Cooperative (CCFC) committed to building a resilient and vibrant world-class community-based forestry operation on Cortes Island.


The CFGP exists to be a successful forestry business known for the quality of its timber and its eco-system based forest stewardship.


The CFGP values:

  • long term sustainability of the forest ecosystem;
  • financial viability of the community forest (CF) undertaking;
  • the balancing of the community’s economic and social objectives with forest sustainability;
  • the management of recreational trails and forest roads in consultation with recreational user groups and the community;
  • identification and appropriate management of important natural features and their surroundings;
  • identification and special management of environmentally sensitive areas;
  • timber harvesting and entrepreneurship that invests in value-added manufacturing;
  • biodiversity, hydrological functions, wildlife habitat, recreational and visual quality;
  • non-timber resources for tourism and recreation;
  • innovation in all aspects of CFA management;
  • the promoting of safe work practices;