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Operations Update April 23

Posted April 23, 2018

Falling in block GM1 of the community forest is expected to be completed by the end of April.

Yarding is set to get underway in the first week of May and is expected to take approximately one month. After the yarding is completed there will be about two weeks of log hauling.

This schedule is subject to change due to weather and fire conditions.

The CFGP is now accepting local orders for saw logs. There will be various grades and lengths available in Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Western Hemlock. Contact the operations for more details at 250.202.1509.

Once the sawlogs have all been hauled the area will be opened to free use permit holders to cut up to two cords of firewood for personal use. Due to limited volumes, firewood logs will not be available for sale by the logging truck load from the harvest in GM1.

Operations Update April 4, 2018

Posted April 5, 2018

Falling is set to get under way in Block GM1 of the Cortes Community Forest on Thursday April 5. See the harvest plan map here for more details:

GM1 Harvest Plan Map 2018Apr4

Falling is expected to take approximately three weeks and the public is asked to stay out of the area while operations are under way and respect all posted signs.

Block GM1 is located to the east of the Cortes Pit and is accessible via Jimmy Smith Way off of Whaletown Road. A larger map of the area is available here:

Cortes ComFor Operation Plan Map 20171201

Operations Update April 3, 2018

Posted April 4, 2018

Fill planting and coning work is now completed in the Larsens Meadow and Squirrel Cove Operating Areas.

There will be opportunities for volunteers to help with stand and cone tending in Larsens Meadow this Saturday at 10am, and again next Saturday in the Squirrel Cove Operating area at 10am. People are encourage to bring gloves, pruners, layers of warm clothes, as well as snacks and water. Also bring a tree planting shovel and planting bags if you have them!

Harvesting operations are expected to get under way in the Green Mountain Operating Area on Thursday April 5. Members of the public are asked to observe all posted notices and stay out of the area while operations are under way. Harvesting is expected to take 8 – 10 weeks.

Any questions, contact Mark Lombard at 202-1509

Operations Update: Startup Week of April 3 in Block GM1

Posted March 28, 2018

Harvesting operations are set to get under way in bock GM1 of the Green Mountain Operating Area sometime during the week of April 3. The exact start up date is not yet determined, and the project is expected to take 10 – 12 weeks during which time bi-weekly updates will be posted here.

Updates will include information on falling, yarding, and hauling operations, including start up date for each phase, as well as opportunities for firewood cutting once the merchantable timber has been hauled out and harvesting operations are completed.

The public is asked to stay out of this area during active operations and respect all posted signs for the duration of the project.

Contract Opportunities – Now Closed

Posted February 19, 2018

The CFGP is now accepting bids for falling and yarding work as part of the spring harvest in the Green Mountain Operating Area.

The falling RFP is available here:

FALLING RFP Spring 2018 – CFGP 02:16

The yarding RFP is available here:

Yarding RFP Spring 2018 CFGP 02:16

The CFGP will also be looking for a qualified tree planting contractor for fill planting approximately 1,500 – 2,500 seedlings in the Larsens Meadow and Squirrel Cove blocks. The timing for this work would be between March 15 and April 15, 2018. All of the seedlings will be protected with 4′ sinocast cones, and there will be a mix of Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.

Interested parties are invited to to contact Mark Lombard via email at or Matt Cuscianna at for any questions or to arrange for a site visit.


Operations Update February 6, 2018

Posted February 7, 2018

Harvesting operations in the Green Mountain Operating Area of the Cortes Community Forest are planned to get under way in late March of this year. The harvest block is called GM1 and you can download maps, a project summary, and detailed engineering report of the proposed project here:


Cortes Comfor 5year Plan 20180202 Map_1

GM1 Project Summary


There will be another public tour of the area on Sunday March 18 at 10am. People can meet at the entrance to to Jimmy Smith Way (road to the gravel pit and Carrington Lagoon). Any questions or comments can be emailed to the manager or CFGP board co-chairs via the contact page, or contact the manager by phone at 250.202.1509.

Ongoing silviculture work is also being planned for late March in the Larsens Meadow and Squirrel Cove Operating Areas. A regeneration survey of block LAR 1- 5, & SQ 1-5  is scheduled for February 17/18, which will provide the CFGP staff with the necessary information required to prepare site specific prescriptions for each regenerating block.

The CFGP has up to 4,000 additional seedlings available for fill planting where needed due to extensive deer browse of the Douglas Fir in LAR 3-5, and to complete the remaining section of SQ2. The CFGP will likely install protection for all of the new seedlings, and discussions under way regarding the possibility of using page wire rather than the white plastic cones as a pilot project.

Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities to help with this ongoing silviculture work.

Draft Five Year Operations Plan


The CFGP has prepared a draft five year plan that outlines projected operations for the second five year cut control period in the Cortes Community Forest which began on January 1, 2018.

The draft plan is available here:

DRAFT 5 Year Plan Feb 6 2018

This is intended to be a living document that will evolve over time as more detailed engineering and planning work is completed in each area, and throughout the community forest land base.

Update November 2017

Posted November 14, 2017

The CFGP will host a public tour of the proposed harvest in the Green Mountain Operating Area on Saturday December 2nd at 10am. People can meet at the entrance to the gravel pit and Jimmy Smith Way off Whaletown Road across from the log dump.

You can download maps, a project summary, and detailed engineering report for the proposed project here:


CFGP 5 Year Plan CAR & GM1 Sept 11-2017

GM1 Project Summary


If you have any questions please contact Mark Lombard at 250.202.1509


Update October 2017

Posted October 5, 2017


The CFGP has undertaken an extensive community consultation process in regards to developing access to the Carrington Operating Area of the community forest. The proposed development involves the construction of approximately 550 meters of new logging road which will provide long term access to the operating area off Coulter Bay Road.

The consultation process consisted of two well attended public tours during the summer, followed by a public meeting at the Gorge Hall with the CFGP board and staff. CFGP representatives also attended a meeting with neighbours to address specific local issues and responded in writing to their questions.

Some of the common themes include: noise and visual quality, tourism values, stream crossing and riparian management concerns, and the distribution of benefits.

The CFGP has taken in a lot of feedback and is working to incorporate local knowledge of the area into the planning process. A professional assessment of the stream crossing is available here:

Assessment of Road drainage crossing Carrington Area development Aug_2017-signed

Regarding timing, the project is now entering the permitting phase. This involves applying for road permits from the Ministries of Transportation, as well as Forest Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

Given that the window for building road during the dry fall season is closing, construction is projected to get underway in the fall of 2018.  The plan is to have the falling, log handling, and construction of the sub-grade begin in early September of 2018, and is expected to take approximately two months.

Weather and conditions permitting, the CFGP will include a small preliminary harvest of up to 1,000 m3 along with the road construction. This will be done primarily to avoid a situation where there is no supply of logs for local mills, as well as to provide enough volume to sell the lower grade logs from the road construction off of Cortes rather than being stored over the winter.

A map of the proposed new road and harvest area (CAR 1) are available here:

CFGP 5 Year Plan CAR & GM1 Sept 11-2017

Plans for a selective harvest in the Green Mountain Operating area are substantially completed and the project is expected to get under way in late March 2018. Start up dates are subject to change based on conditions at the time.
Maps and description of the project are available here:
CFGP 5 Year Plan CAR & GM1 Sept 11-2017
Spring 2018 Project Summary
Public tours of the spring 2018 harvest will take place during November through February.
Saturday October 21, 10 am: There will be a post-harvest tour of the project completed this past spring in block SQ4 of the Squirrel Cove Operating Area. Meet at the entrance to the area off the public road.


Operations Update Sept 16, 2017

Posted September 16, 2017

The CFGP hosted a third community consultation meeting at the Gorge Hall on Monday Sept 11 regarding the proposed new road into the Carrington Operating Area. During the meeting the CFGP also presented a plan outlining projected harvest, access, and enhanced silviculture projects for the next five years.

The presentation is available here:

Sept 11 2017 Presentation

The accompanying maps are available here:

CFGP 5 Year Plan CAR & GM1 Sept 11-2017

CFGP 5 Year Plan VON Sept 11, 2017

CFGP 5 Year Plan CB & SQ Sept 11 2017

CFGP 5 Year Plan Haywire Bay Sept 11 2017

During the course of the community consultation process the CFGP heard extensive feedback covering a wide range of issues and is working to integrate these into the planning process.

The CFGP will continue working with the neighbours in the Talbot Way and Coulter Bay Road area in order to ensure the best possible outcomes as the project moves forward.