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Free Firewood & Road Closure in Squirrel Cove

Posted June 1, 2017

There is still firewood at roadside in the Squirrel Cove Operating area. All you need is a free use permit which is available for download below. If you don’t have a truck or saw, you can hire someone else to cut it for you.

During the second half of June the new section of road in Squirrel Cove will have two culverts removed in order to restrict vehicle access and reduce maintenance costs. The CFGP encourages people to get any firewood they can from this area during the next couple of week.


Fall 2017 Harvest – Public Consultation

Posted May 30, 2017

The CFGP is working on plans for a 2000m3 selective harvest in the fall of 2017. Please see the preliminary project description and accompanying maps below for details.

Fall 2017 Project Summary



There will be two public tours where community members can come our to hear about the plan, ask questions, and offer feedback. These will be sometime in late June through mid-July.

Dates and further details will be posted here as the project moves forward. The CFGP also welcomes suggestions in writing at any time.



Contract Opportunity

Posted May 3, 2017

The CFGP is looking to retain the services of a Registered Professional Forester. Interested candidates can download the posting here:

CFGP RPF Posting April 2017.

Operations Update May 3


There is still some free firewood left along the roads in both the Squirrel Cove and Larsen’s Meadow Operating areas.

The firewood is free for personal use and the CFGP requests that people stay out of the blocks that have been replanted.

The firewood is mostly Hemlock and Alder.
Did you know: The species of Western Hemlock found on Cortes has about 90 percent as much heat as Fir when seasoned properly. The big difference is that fir heartwood has less moisture than hemlock to start with and can therefore by burned with a shorter drying period. Given that fir is one of the mostly highly sought after species of building lumber, the only fir logs typically available as firewood are tops, long butts, and breakage.

In order to achieve optimal drying conditions, split and stack your firewood for at least 6 months before using. Burning wet wood can reduce the energy available for heating by up to 40% as it is used to evaporate moisture in the wood. Burning dry wood means that you burn less wood overall and have a higher combustion temperature. Higher combustion temperature means lower emissions and less creosote in your chimney.

Operations Update April 20

Posted April 20, 2017

Tree planting and log hauling in the Squirrel Cove Operating Area are now completed and the area is open to free-use firewood permit holders.

The free-use permits allow individuals to collect up to 2 cords for personal use and are available here:


All of the available firewood is at roadside along the new section of road in SQ4. The CFGP asks that people stay out of the blocks that have recently been planted to avoid damage to the seedlings.

Please contact Mark Lombard at 250.202.1509 or Matt Cuscianna at 250.202.7348 if you have any questions.



Operations Update April 15, 2017

Posted April 15, 2017

Log hauling and tree planting are ongoing in the Squirrel Cove Operating Area. Operations are expected to be completed this week. Once all operations are complete the area will be open to free use firewood permit holders. Stay tuned for the opening date, which will be announced shortly.

The free use permits are the same as the ones use in the Squirrel Cove Area in 2016, and allow households to collect up to 2 cords of firewood for personal use. These are available here: FreeUsePermit2016


Operations Update April 9

Posted April 10, 2017

Tree planting is set to get under way in the Squirrel Cove operating area this week and is expected to take about five days. Weather conditions permitting the last of the merch logs will also be hauled this week. Once operations are completed the area will be open to free use firewood permit holders.


Operations Update March 24

Posted March 24, 2017

Operations in the Squirrel Cove are completed and log hauling is set for Saturday and Sunday this weekend. The area will remain closed until all of the saw logs are hauled at which point the area will be reopened to the public.

Tree planting in blocks SQ 1,2,3, & 4 will take place in early April.

Operations Update March 17

Posted March 17, 2017

Harvesting operations are now completed in the Squirrel Cove Operating area. Road improvements and ditching work will continue through this week and into the first half of next week. Log hauling is expected to take place around the end of next week. Once all the work is completed the area will be reopened to the public for free use permit firewood cutting.

Operations Update March 6

Posted March 8, 2017

Falling in block SQ4 at the Squirrel Cove Operating area was completed last week, and yarding is now under way. Yarding, hauling, and road work will be ongoing all of this week and likely all of next week as well.  Keep watching here for updates as things progress.