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Operations Update April 20

Posted April 20, 2017

Tree planting and log hauling in the Squirrel Cove Operating Area are now completed and the area is open to free-use firewood permit holders.

The free-use permits allow individuals to collect up to 2 cords for personal use and are available here:


All of the available firewood is at roadside along the new section of road in SQ4. The CFGP asks that people stay out of the blocks that have recently been planted to avoid damage to the seedlings.

Please contact Mark Lombard at 250.202.1509 or Matt Cuscianna at 250.202.7348 if you have any questions.



Operations Update April 15, 2017

Posted April 15, 2017

Log hauling and tree planting are ongoing in the Squirrel Cove Operating Area. Operations are expected to be completed this week. Once all operations are complete the area will be open to free use firewood permit holders. Stay tuned for the opening date, which will be announced shortly.

The free use permits are the same as the ones use in the Squirrel Cove Area in 2016, and allow households to collect up to 2 cords of firewood for personal use. These are available here: FreeUsePermit2016


Operations Update April 9

Posted April 10, 2017

Tree planting is set to get under way in the Squirrel Cove operating area this week and is expected to take about five days. Weather conditions permitting the last of the merch logs will also be hauled this week. Once operations are completed the area will be open to free use firewood permit holders.


Operations Update March 24

Posted March 24, 2017

Operations in the Squirrel Cove are completed and log hauling is set for Saturday and Sunday this weekend. The area will remain closed until all of the saw logs are hauled at which point the area will be reopened to the public.

Tree planting in blocks SQ 1,2,3, & 4 will take place in early April.

Operations Update March 17

Posted March 17, 2017

Harvesting operations are now completed in the Squirrel Cove Operating area. Road improvements and ditching work will continue through this week and into the first half of next week. Log hauling is expected to take place around the end of next week. Once all the work is completed the area will be reopened to the public for free use permit firewood cutting.

Operations Update March 6

Posted March 8, 2017

Falling in block SQ4 at the Squirrel Cove Operating area was completed last week, and yarding is now under way. Yarding, hauling, and road work will be ongoing all of this week and likely all of next week as well.  Keep watching here for updates as things progress.


Operations Update March 1

Posted March 2, 2017

Falling will be taking place in the Squirrel Cove operating area on Thursday and Friday March 2 & 3.

The CFGP requests that people stay out of the area during this time and observe all posted signs and notices.

Yarding will get under way once the falling is complete and will last approximately one week.

Operations Update Feb 20

Posted February 21, 2017

Culvert installation is set to get under way in the Squirrel Cove Operating area on Thursday afternoon.

There have been some modifications to the plan over the past week. The changes reflect conditions on the ground as well as ongoing public discussion and provide for a reduced overall footprint by not undertaking any further harvest in SQ3. There will be one less load of logs harvested overall.

The plan now is to harvest 70 – 80 trees in SQ4 using a light touch, single stem selection approach. This will conclude the logging in this area for several years. Harvesting operations are expected to get under way around March 1.

Anyone wishing to come for a site tour and discuss the plans is invited to come out this Thursday morning, February 23 at 1o am. The group can park by the road and walk in.

The minutes of the February CFGP board meeting are posted on the documents page.

Operations update Feb 16

Posted February 16, 2017

Operations in the Squirrel Cove area will resume once the weather and road conditions have improved and some phases of the project may get underway again during the week of Monday February 20.

With all of the snow melt, rain, and frost coming out of the roads it will be important to wait until conditions are acceptable for certain phases such as road grading and hauling.

Dates will be posted here as they are confirmed with our contractors.

The CFGP is still looking for qualified planting contractors to plant in the Squirrel Cove area. Dates are flexible, and any time during the window beginning in the second half of March through the end of April.

The planting request for proposals (RFP) is available here:


Operations Postponed due to Weather

Posted February 10, 2017

Planned road upgrades and harvesting operations in the Squirrel Cover area have been temporarily postponed until weather and road conditions permit. Check back here regularly for details.