Community Forest Management Philosophy


Maintaining Ecosystem Health, Resilience and Benefits over the Centuries

The CFGP recognizes that the benefits we wish to receive from the Community Forest, both for ourselves and especially for future generations, will only flow from a healthy and self-sustaining forest ecosystem.

Operational Planning and Data Use

Getting it Right – Having Accurate Data and Using​ It​

The CFGP recognizes th​at good forest management depends on a deep understanding of the actual forest, its history, and its current use by the residents of Cortes Island, as well as a commitment to best forestry practices currently in use and ongoing investigation into newly developing practices for a changing world.

Local Employment and Business Initiatives

Supporting Local Economy

​T​he Community Forest tenure on Cortes Island and ​the ​annual harvest of increasing quality timber enables​ existing and new entrepreneurs to develop businesses that will benefit themselves and the community over time.


Telling the Cortes Community Forest Story

Through education and positive promotion of our sustainable community forest management, CFGP nurture​s pride in the Cortes Community Forest endeavor and contribute​s to better forest management.

Communication and Community Engagement

Keeping the Community in the Community Forest

The CFGP foster​s community engagement that is transparent, interactive, and on-going while insuring full public access to relevant information necessary to make informed decisions.