Update October 2017


The CFGP has undertaken an extensive community consultation process in regards to developing access to the Carrington Operating Area of the community forest. The proposed development involves the construction of approximately 550 meters of new logging road which will provide long term access to the operating area off Coulter Bay Road.

The consultation process consisted of two well attended public tours during the summer, followed by a public meeting at the Gorge Hall with the CFGP board and staff. CFGP representatives also attended a meeting with neighbours to address specific local issues and responded in writing to their questions.

Some of the common themes include: noise and visual quality, tourism values, stream crossing and riparian management concerns, and the distribution of benefits.

The CFGP has taken in a lot of feedback and is working to incorporate local knowledge of the area into the planning process. A professional assessment of the stream crossing is available here:

Assessment of Road drainage crossing Carrington Area development Aug_2017-signed

Regarding timing, the project is now entering the permitting phase. This involves applying for road permits from the Ministries of Transportation, as well as Forest Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

Given that the window for building road during the dry fall season is closing, construction is projected to get underway in the fall of 2018.  The plan is to have the falling, log handling, and construction of the sub-grade begin in early September of 2018, and is expected to take approximately two months.

Weather and conditions permitting, the CFGP will include a small preliminary harvest of up to 1,000 m3 along with the road construction. This will be done primarily to avoid a situation where there is no supply of logs for local mills, as well as to provide enough volume to sell the lower grade logs from the road construction off of Cortes rather than being stored over the winter.

A map of the proposed new road and harvest area (CAR 1) are available here:

CFGP 5 Year Plan CAR & GM1 Sept 11-2017

Plans for a selective harvest in the Green Mountain Operating area are substantially completed and the project is expected to get under way in late March 2018. Start up dates are subject to change based on conditions at the time.
Maps and description of the project are available here:
Public tours of the spring 2018 harvest will take place during November through February.
Saturday October 21, 10 am: There will be a post-harvest tour of the project completed this past spring in block SQ4 of the Squirrel Cove Operating Area. Meet at the entrance to the area off the public road.