Operations Update May 3

There is still some free firewood left along the roads in both the Squirrel Cove and Larsen’s Meadow Operating areas.

The firewood is free for personal use and the CFGP requests that people stay out of the blocks that have been replanted.

The firewood is mostly Hemlock and Alder.
Did you know: The species of Western Hemlock found on Cortes has about 90 percent as much heat as Fir when seasoned properly. The big difference is that fir heartwood has less moisture than hemlock to start with and can therefore by burned with a shorter drying period. Given that fir is one of the mostly highly sought after species of building lumber, the only fir logs typically available as firewood are tops, long butts, and breakage.

In order to achieve optimal drying conditions, split and stack your firewood for at least 6 months before using. Burning wet wood can reduce the energy available for heating by up to 40% as it is used to evaporate moisture in the wood. Burning dry wood means that you burn less wood overall and have a higher combustion temperature. Higher combustion temperature means lower emissions and less creosote in your chimney.