Operations Update February 6, 2018

Harvesting operations in the Green Mountain Operating Area of the Cortes Community Forest are planned to get under way in late March of this year. The harvest block is called GM1 and you can download maps, a project summary, and detailed engineering report of the proposed project here:


Cortes Comfor 5year Plan 20180202 Map_1

GM1 Project Summary


There will be another public tour of the area on Sunday March 18 at 10am. People can meet at the entrance to to Jimmy Smith Way (road to the gravel pit and Carrington Lagoon). Any questions or comments can be emailed to the manager or CFGP board co-chairs via the contact page, or contact the manager by phone at 250.202.1509.

Ongoing silviculture work is also being planned for late March in the Larsens Meadow and Squirrel Cove Operating Areas. A regeneration survey of block LAR 1- 5, & SQ 1-5  is scheduled for February 17/18, which will provide the CFGP staff with the necessary information required to prepare site specific prescriptions for each regenerating block.

The CFGP has up to 4,000 additional seedlings available for fill planting where needed due to extensive deer browse of the Douglas Fir in LAR 3-5, and to complete the remaining section of SQ2. The CFGP will likely install protection for all of the new seedlings, and discussions under way regarding the possibility of using page wire rather than the white plastic cones as a pilot project.

Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities to help with this ongoing silviculture work.